Saturday, October 18, 2008

Biological Research

We attended a 7th birthday party of my MIL's officemate's daughter Giana which was held at Biological Research along Sucat Road. The food was sumptuous and Andy loved the pasta, he also enjoyed the magic tricks but was kind of scared with the assistant clown. He called him "mumu." But anyway, he was shouting with glee when he saw a bird coming out from the magician's hat. The safari-themed party was decorated with lots of balloons and tons of candies and lollipops which also served as their centerpiece. I was busy feeding Andy that I failed to take photos of them. My bad.

We also had a chance to tour the whole park, it costs 150 bucks per head but because we attended the party, we had it for free! There were monkeys, different breeds of birds and chicken, ducks, snakes, butterflies, bees, insects, turtles and fish. Andy enjoyed it the most. He often wanted to be carried when we have walks like this, but this time he ran around and even left us at the end of the line, looking out for him. But he also wants his pictures taken that's why when I tell him "picture" he'd stop and say "cheese!"

He was very happy, full and tired. My Andy had a truly wonderful time with this outdoor activity. He even took home 2 small fish in a small tank for a souvenir! He named them Thomas and Henry. I would love to take him to different zoos around the world someday, he will definitely appreciate the ecology's flora and fauna. God's wonderful works of creation.

Friday, October 10, 2008

am back

Hi to all of my blog friends who dropped by and said their hi's and hello's in my message box. I missed blogging too and I missed reading your posts!

I was very busy these past few months after the NLE of course, as I have to think of the next step that I have to take for my family's future, make a move and not just simply get stuck in the euphoric stage of passing, heheh. Life must go on, Aileen. Plus the sad fact that my laptop isn't done yet. I just don't find using windows XP convenient anymore, switching to it from windows vista is sort of difficult for me. But anyway, here I am, alive and blogging!

After finding out that I made it, I was high for weeks. Kept coming back to the site where they first posted the names who passed the board. Kept telling myself that I wasn't really dreaming. Thanked God for giving me this chance, promised Him that I will do my best to be the best nurse that I can be. Texted all of my friends and classmates and exchanged "congratulations". Called my family and relatives to announce the good news. Thanked my mom and siblings for all their support and prayers. My in-laws who took care of Andy while I was gone for the review and my husband who still puts up with me up to this very day.

When I was attending college, I thought that after graduation, this will be over.. I was wrong. When I attended the review class, I thought that passing the exam, this will be over.. I was wrong again. After the result was posted, we have to go back to PRC to verify and to get our ratings. We need to buy the tickets for our oath taking and register as full pledged nurses. Pay for the certification of passing and board rating, pay for the metered stamps, pay for the registration, diploma, etc. Neverending fees indeed. This isn't just simply falling in line and then your turn to the window. Oh no. You will fall in line against 69,000 graduate nurses. Plus thousands more who are applying for the exam on November. Including the retakers. We have to undergo these challenges to somehow take a glimpse to the possibility of our dreams in effect. It isn't easy, yet not impossible.

The last day I went to PRC was to sign for our license ID. I was told to come back on November 7 and after that, my precious PRC license will be in my hands. I am all done with all the paper works. I passed my application for licensure in California, still waiting for my eligibility though. But what the heck, with the economy in the US, we are talking about 3-5 years in waiting, so I am really not in a hurry to take NCLEX.

What's next?

After passing the exam, though still high, I kept myself updated with nursing issues. I log to every now and then to keep me posted of what's happening and to catch up with the latest, be it local or abroad. I have to admit, but I don't see myself working in the hospital here in the Philippines. I just don't see it fair, paying the hospital big fees just to undergo training and do volunteer work plus long line in waiting. I have a kid to feed and considering gaining experience here, is far from my options. After I graduated, I promised myself not to ask financial aid from my mom. I was thinking that if I do volunteer job, I will just end up asking for extra money from her, because it is not a paid work. Funds will not be sufficient enough for food and fare and it's like when I am still in school. No difference at all.

All this time, I have mastered the immigration law of US, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and United Kingdom with regard to nurses. I have weighed my options and after months of confusions of what to do and where to go, I have decided to leave the country. And hopefully before 2008 ends, I am gone.

Sad but true. Overproduction of nurses in the Philippines somehow made the quality of nursing education below standard. We have to battle different tests just to prove that we are "quality nurses" as we claim. I have read a lot of stories about Filipino nurses working in different parts of the globe, some good and some bad. So it's really up to us to stand up and prove ourselves. I am inexperienced nurse myself but I am ready to learn and share the skills that I have brewed in school for quite some time now.

God speed to all my colleagues.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

to God be the Glory

I passed the Nursing Licensure Exam!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

my redeemer lives

I read this post from a new blogger friend Marshi. I felt to blessed when I saw this very inspiring video. Now, I wish to share this to all of you.


A son asked his father, 'Dad, will you take part in a marathon with me?'. The father who, despite having a heart condition, says 'Yes'. They went on to complete the marathon together. Father and son went on to join other marathons, the father always saying 'Yes' to his son's request of going through the race together.

One day, the son asked his father, 'Dad, let's join the Ironman together.' To which, his father said 'Yes' too. For those who don't know, Ironman is the toughest triathlon ever. The race encompasses three endurance events of a 2.4 mile (3.86 kilometer) ocean swim, followed by a 112 mile (180.2 kilometer) bike ride, and ending with a 26.2 mile (42.195 kilometer) marathon along the coast of the Big Island .

Father and son went on to complete the race together.

Now watch this:

It made me realize again that nothing is impossible with God. Sometimes when are being tested, we lose hope and we tend to forget that there is a Super Being who watches over us. Let us not forget Jesus's love for us.

dark knight

Hubby and I got to sneak out again to watch The Dark Knight on its 2nd day at Alabang Town Center. I was in awe.. It was incredible, one of the best movies I have seen! Made me feel sad though, Heath Ledger was such a loss. Go see and check the movie out guys. I'm sure you don't wanna miss this.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

my very first award

Thank you Denz for this award..

Dahil ikaw ay isang sertipikadong blogger, itinuturing kitang matalik kong “KADAMO”
Maraming salamat…
Mga Kadamo;

Now, I’m passing this to this beautiful people:)

Monday, July 7, 2008

thomas all day long!

Andy is a certified Thomas-olic. When he turned 20 months, there was never a day Thomas the Tank Engine is out of his grasp. After being away from him for almost a month, we were together again 24/7. We watch together, eat together and believe it or not.. bathe together.. Yes, I'm not a nanny-fan so I chose to take care of my son personally as much as I can. As long as my husband can put things together..;)
I used to think Thomas and Friends a really boring show... but when I heard my son hummed the theme song at the age of 20 months, in a second I was a fan! We watch the series on Playhouse Disney everyday 3:00 in the afternoon and the replay at 6PM. He already has James, Henry and Gordon, and we're planning to buy all of the 8 engines for his birthday. I first bought him the starter set at 600 bucks with Thomas, Annie and Clarabelle on it. I saw his eyes sparkled and from that moment on, Thomas became a household name.
Thomas and Friends theme was the original plan for his 2nd birthday, but since Thomas isn't that famous here in the Philippines yet, I guess I'll just move it next year if he still adores trains. However, his birthday theme this year will be Jollibee.
By the way, if you try to scroll down for my earlier posts, I was in a dilemna of how I will wean him entirely.. Yes, he's not nursing anymore and he sleeps sound at night without tantrums and all. Gerard and I indeed undergone some difficulties before he adjusted completely. He also eats well and drinks youghart milk but I'm still hoping and praying that someday soon, he will at least try to taste milk and reconsider. He is a very good and smart boy and we are very lucky to have him as our son.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


my toddler loves turning my acer aspire notebook off without shutting down... then all of a sudden, there was no display. they said there was a problem with the main board and that it has to be replaced charging me with P13,650.00.
i miss my notebook... the service center told me i have to wait for 2 more weeks... wahhhh!! this is torture...

jack and the jilted

i finally got my free book JACK and the JILTED! i wasn't able to receive it myself because as you all know I didn't stay here a week before the exam. it was nearly being shipped back to the sender, thanks to my father in law who picked it up for me from the postal office. as soon as i opened the package, I didn't wait for a second... I actually started reading it and at the end of the day, believe it or not... I finished the whole book! I just can't handle the suspense, I just love it! Thanks Free Books!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

its our day moms!

Glitter Graphics

I am glad my mom and I somehow had our time together to bond before she left for US today. We share the same addictive pleasure - spa. We have been to several spas all over the metro already, but last night Callospa in Antipolo was our temporary haven. I am very pleased that she enjoyed every minute our stay there. It was nice being with her again, laugh at simple things, talk about the who's and what's and do the normal things like any other moms and daughters do. My mom and I, we're indescribably bonded. Though we live countries away for almost a decade, that doesn't stop me from being my mom's daughter. It will take months before I see and be with her again, and I'm very grateful for the 2 weeks that she was able to spend with me and Andy. I just hope that everything we've planned, will coordinate with God's plan for us. So I can be with my mom, brother and sister and be a FAMILY once again.

Happy mother's day, Mom. I am what I am because of you and I owe everything that I have and what I will have in the future. I love you!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

happy mother's day!

Most of all the other beautiful things in life come by twos and threes,

by dozens and hundreds.

Plenty of roses, stars, sunsets, rainbows,

brothers and sisters, aunts and cousins,

comrades and friends -

but only one mother in the whole world.

~Kate Douglas Wiggin

Thanks Meg for this sweet tag.

Motherhood. It knows no boundaries, no deadline and no edges. Our kids will always be our kids.. they get bigger but never grown... We will always worry about them and will always take care of them in the highest possible manner.

The only way that I can repay my mom for every single sweat she yielded for my good... is to be a good mom to my son. I know I'm not yet there... but I hope to be soon.

Happy Mother's Day to all my mom-friends and to those who are on their way!

To my mom, I love you Mama and I will always be your darling daughter.. your mini-me and your lifetime ally. I love you more each day...

Tagging Mem, Liza, Abby, Yums and Marilyn.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

iron man

It's fun to do what we love the most once in a while - watching a movie and then exchange our views and criticism about it afterwards. Since Andy is still with my mom in Antipolo, my husband and I finally had a time to sneak into the moviehouse and check out Iron Man. Starring Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark a.k.a. The Iron Man and Jeff Bridges as his father's friend and business partner and became his mentor. Other casts are Terrence Howard as Jim Rhodes Tony Stark's friend and Gwyneth Parltrow, played as his assistant who's secretly in love with him. I have not been to a cinema since the Transformers in San Leandro with Jershon and Girlie last year, Andy was like 8 months old and I breastfed all through out the movie to keep him still. Gee, and that was ages ago...

Anyway, I recommend all my virtual friends to see Iron Man, bring your hubbies and kids particularly your sons, they're gonna love it and they will deify you. Though the movie seems like light years away from reality, you’ll be amazed with the effects and how they managed to keep the movie à la mode by making it humorous. Hubby and I had enjoyed it so much that we just can’t get over; we didn't stop discussing about it on our way home. Ever since, he decides what movie we’re going to see and I trust him with that. He has this excellent preference with films, thus we’ve seen countless excellent ones like the Iron Man.
I also think that hubby and I should do this more often. In this way, we get to spend time with each other. A special day for us not in a regular mode. I really had a great time.

So, let me know if you've seen the movie, alright? I bet there will be Iron Man 2, I’ll just keep my fingers crossed! Very awesome!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Thanks Jing for tagging me!

Here are the rules:

1. Each player starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.
2. People who are tagged, write a blog post about their own 8 random things, and post these rules.
3. At the end of your post you need to tag 8 people and include their names.
4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment on their blog and tell them they’ve been tagged, and to come back and read your blog for the whole story.

The facts:

1. I am losing weight, finally.. Not because I eat less or into a specific type of diet.. No. I just turned away from driving and personally decided on commuting. I don't know. Maybe I just got tired of the dealing with Manila traffic. I love being a passenger more. I walk a lot too.

2. Im indecisive.

3. I love to cook.

4. I am a gadget-freak. Very techie.

5. I miss breastfeeding my son.

6. I am the luckiest woman on earth for having Gerard as my husband.

7. I can't live without music. I am a frustrated singer.

8. I dreamt of being a part of a theatrical play.

I am going to tag:









Sunday, April 27, 2008


I am now officially weaning my son from breastfeeding. The last nights weren't easy because he wakes up in the middle of the night when I try to turn to my sides. He’s asking for milk then cries if I refuse to give my breast. We are both lacking of sleep and it's getting more and more uncomfortable for him and especially for me. I've been thinking about this decision for months now and there was no consistency that's why goals aren't met yet. Good thing that I have my mom here to rescue me. I think that's what mom's are for – to aid.

My mom brought Andy with her to Antipolo and they will stay there until the engorgement of my breasts is gone – as soon as I feel better. Hopefully I will be able to see my son on Wednesday. He's also being trained to drink formula in a cup. I just wish that my mom has found the milk that he likes. Toddlers need milk for energy consumption; it’s the stage wherein they are at their most active phase and the time that they’re difficult to train. They’re so autonomous and they want to do things on their own terms. Though he eats solid food 3 times a day and 2 small meals in between, milk is definitely a necessity for him. That’s why it’s so frustrating, so provoking and maddening when he refuses my offer.

It’s been 24 hours since we left Andy with my mom. Last night was also the first time that we slept without him by our side. We miss him badly and it is really different when he’s not around, however, we have to be consistent. We have to stick to the plan.

It’s my dilemma as of the moment… and if you have suggestion fellow mom-bloggers… your ideas are very, very appreciated! Please leave me comments… Thanks.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Over it

I know it’s been awhile now. Blame it on the coming NLE this June, review has kept me very busy lately. Doesn’t even have the time for a new manicure and pedicure. Sigh.

Anyways, my mom made it on my graduation April 18, 2008. Yes, in spite of the lost passport and green card during accident, she found a way to get here. I’m so delighted that she was able to catch sight of my diploma being handed over to me! She’ll be here until the 10th of May. Graduation is the one of the prevalent events in my life. First was when I had Andy and my wedding to Gerard.
Everything was just right except that Andy’s gums are hurting for an unknown reason. He got very irritable and uneasy. He was pointing inside at his mouth since the other day. In the following morning, he got a fever so we assumed that he’s having his molars. He has no appetite for any food making it hard for me having no choice but to breastfeed him the whole day. Thank God, I was able to carry out the stress. I kept myself calm in spite of the toxicity and voila! The program has ended; I had the diploma at hand and then dinner at Dampa in Macapagal with the family. Baked tahong, sabaw sa miso, buttered shrimp, tempura and inihaw na liempo sealed our gathering. The food was so oh yummy, and we were pleased that Mom enjoyed the food and we all had a fantastic time.

Another chapter of my life has kicked off and I’m not even certain if I am ready for it. From then on, I am now officially a bum! Good thing I have a husband that I plan with and help me prioritize and organize things. I’m attending my review for the NLE at RCAP until May 30th and with God’s grace… I will claim my license by July and finally work as a nurse wherever it is needed. So making this blog short, here are the few photos that I’m going to share with you guys. Hope you like them.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


You Are Chardonnay
You Are Chardonnay
Fresh, spirited, and classic - you have many facets to your personality.
You can be sweet and light. Or deep and complex.
You have a little bit of something to offer everyone... no wonder you're so popular.
Approachable and never smug, you are easy to get to know (and love!).

Deep down you are: Dependable and modest

Your partying style: Understated and polite

Your company is enjoyed best with: Cold or wild meat

I got this again from
Liza, just like what she said... I won't be tagging anyone, if you feel like doing this.. feel free to take the test. Ciao!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

book for free!

Hello everyone!! I won something from this book for free! I just left a comment on the book that I want, then after few days, I won! I can't wait to have it by my door.. thank you!! Until next time!
By the way, I got this link from Liza.. Thanks Liza!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

despite of it all

Darn, today I have to go back to EAMC to get my freaking cases that I left for the CN to sign. Future nurses swarmed in the nursing office yesterday, bunches of us waited for our requirements to be completed, hoped for an accomplishment. As the deadline of passing it to PRC is only until the 18th. After an hour of waiting, the secretary came out with our papers telling us that we have to come back tomorrow because their boss has to attend some meeting. She should’ve told us earlier, you know? Why the hell wait if they want us to come back the next day!! Yesterday didn’t turn out really well. Sigh.

Good thing they invented days like anniversaries! It was our 2nd year together as married couple; Andy and Gerard were my gorgeous dates. We spent the whole evening in ATC and had dinner at Fridays. Andy had a great time too; he enjoyed nibbling his fries and played with the silvers every now and then. Hubby and I had a superb meal! It was a really nice special treat after a bad day... Sadly, I forgot to bring my camera, I can't share photos with you this time.
However, Happy 2nd anniversary love!

Glitter Graphics & Comments

Monday, April 7, 2008

like poles or unlike poles?

“Is it better to marry someone who has similar personality like yours, than someone who’s different?”

I dredged up this question from our writing skill test, a part of our mock TOEFL exam. Minimum of 300 words in 3 paragraphs. I can say that this was a sort of easy to answer question because I am already married. But as I was starting to write the words down, it made me think of my husband and my relationship with him. Are we similar or opposite?

I can’t quite remember what I exactly wrote there because the exam was like a month ago. As you all know, I have a short term memory. Neither I can’t say that Gerard and I are alike nor I can’t say that we’re opposite. Maybe, there are just some things that we both love to do together and some things that we don’t, no matter how hard we try.

I am extrovert, loud, spender, eats anything that’s edible. very patient, disorganized, late, impulsive, careless, a techie and always on the go. While my husband is suplado somewhat mysterious-type, reserved, kuripot, sobrang maarte sa food, complainer, organized, always on time, a planner, vain, sporty and don't want to move much. But we both adore kids, we enjoy watching movies, singing karaoke, eating and sleeping. We are both home buddies and couch potatoes. We love tackling about current events. We love cars, restaurant hopping, Hollywood and both can’t live without the television.

It is better if at least you have some things that you enjoy doing together. Of course we all know that no one is exactly like the other but having a common ground is an advantage. Things that will help you bond together. Success in marriage is not about having similar or different personalities. For me, it’s being familiar with each other. Knowing what to do without the other telling you exactly what you have to do, you just know. It’s using non verbal communication. You converse without words, only gestures. It’s a glare at each other’s eyes and you just distinguish what he means by it. It is recognizing each other more every day. Learning something together after every feud you just had. It is appreciating of what you have at the moment. You can’t have it in just a snap, time makes marriage as solid as rock if it is well founded. It is being a part of each other, the half of the other half making a whole. It is sticking together through whatever. It’s tolerating each other in spite of the differences and loving behind the imperfections. Marriage is working out together, both of you doing your part in a team.

It is our 2nd anniversary tomorrow and I know our relationship is young and we have so much to face in the future. I just pray that we never get tired of each other no matter how far our differences can take us. 6 years and still counting, I am loving every single day that I am with him. We are not alike, yet not totally opposite. Ours is not perfect, but its the imperfection that makes every day worth living. I love you more and more babe, happy anniversary!

learning and laughing

Letting go of our kid is sometimes the only way for them to learn. Being so protective of them is quite normal especially for a first time mom like me. However, we can never always be around to keep an eye on them. So the best thing that we can teach them is to become skilled at in taking care of themselves.

I have 1 year old and 7 month boy who’s fond of running and doing things without precautions. Like any mommies do, I chase after my kid all the time fearing that he might trip over and hurt himself. There was this instance when I called Andy for his bath time, he got so excited and ran to the bath room with a slippery floor. He lost his balance and glided on the wet floor tiles. It happened so fast and I wasn’t ready for it. Fortunately, he didn’t bump himself to anything. I am a vigilant mom, overprotective is what they say, but there was something inside me that moment just wants to let go, see what will happen and see how he will react on it. Anyways, he was alright, no head bumps, no scars, no broken bones or anything and he didn’t even cry, nevertheless, he got scared. I knew he learned his lesson.

From then on, whenever it is time for shower, he gets inside the bathroom cautiously, takes his ant steps one by one, very slowly and makes sure that I am holding his hand. He’s very careful now, making me guiltless of that one "bad mommy moment."
It’s not easy being a parent but is sure fun and fulfulling! Every day I learn new things from my kid. My life wasn’t like the way it was before but my Andy surely most of the time leaves me learning and laughing all at the same time!

Sunday, April 6, 2008


50 words">Speed test

typing speed test

I just found out how many words I can type in a minute through this site. Voila, 49 wpm! All you just need is Java App installed in your set and you're done.. Try it, its fun!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

its getting hot in here

My 1 year and 7 month old son gripped my hand and led me to the bath room because he wanted to have his 3rd shower for the day. Though he didn't verbalize directly that he felt uncomfortably warm, his action shown better than words. He kept on tugging the lower part of my shirt as I was standing by the kitchen sink, and just doesn't have any intentions of waiting for me to finish whatever it is that I am doing. I would normally allow him stay at the bath room for 5 minutes to play with his water toys after rinsing, but now the time extended up to 20 minutes! I would say "Come on Andy, let's go!" Then he'll say "No." And then 5 minutes more. The weather is terribly humid here in the Philippines and I noticed that it’s getting hotter every summer.

I remember March last year, we were able to break out the summer heat and we flew to the states for vacation. Though we experienced several strikes of heat waves in the Bay Area, they're nothing compared to ours during summer. AC's are real savers during this time. Andy can't have his afternoon nap without it turned on. The good thing is, the weather's cool at night. I even prepare my blanket at my side because it gets cold after midnight.

We are planning to buy an inflatable pool for Andy, and that will be his first time on it. I just hope that he will enjoy it this time. When we went to Laguna, where we spent the entirety of the Holy Week, my husband's uncle had their inflatable pool readied for the kids. Unfortunately, it wasn't that appealing to my son. The water was so cold and he sensed it was too huge for him so he got nervous. Hubby put out his teeny portable bath tub so he can in any way enjoy the fun his other cousins are having, but still, plan failed. I also tried dipping in the pool with him, still, no appeal. I just ended up getting wet and did the bother to shower and change clothes again.

Saturday, March 29, 2008


I was born and raised in Antipolo. It is where my parents bumped into each other, got married and began a family. Antipolo has been my comfort zone when I was growing up that’s why every time I visit, I feel renewed. It is like a convenient store where I can just pick up bags of vigor that I save and use to get by in the city’s fast phase living. Energy that’s only good for a month or two. No matter how busy I am, it is a must that I have to come home to refresh.

I had lots of fun memories that I left in Antipolo. Memoirs with my family, friends, closest relatives and most of it – my youth. And that's something no one can ever take away from me.

Antipolo is a part of me. I love that place. Though I've been to the West, nothing compares the feeling of familiarity. And no matter how far these feet will bring me in the future, home is definitely where my heart is. That’s in Antipolo.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Make More Friends

Thanks to Jhing for tagging me!

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24. Your Link Here

~~End Copy~~

I hope Mem, Joy, Retche, pinay wife, Marie, Liza, Jozcel, JeanMarie, Ann and Abby could join us.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I went to school today and I’m finally through with my clearance. After paying, signing and everything... Clearance… DONE! I proceeded to EAMC to get my signed cases. Heck, it was so freaking hot! All taxis are occupied, and it seemed that everyone was out. Good thing, I had my good friend Ryan who shared with me the burning heat of the sun while we spotted and chased the taxi cabs. Finally, a new good looking Toyota Vios halted in front of us. God is so so good! For 100 bucks, we conserved a liter of our sweat from the fatal heat in riding a jeepney. And the manong driver was also nice to us.

When we got there, I fortunately bumped into Ma’am Burgos, my former clinical instructor in East Avenue Medical Center. She is busy as a bee that you can barely see her around. She carried out minimal tweaks on my minor cases, but it can be handled. Too bad, I have to go back again on Monday but this time I got her mobile number so I won’t have to leave my cases again in DR for her to sign… Gee, it takes like a lifetime there! After that, we took our chance in going to Sta. Monica in Marikina to see Ma’am Vane, but she hasn’t gone back yet from her week off. But I had the scrub nurse signed them. Cases… NOT YET.

I’m glad that I had a very productive day today and I’m giving myself a deadline until Wednesday for the cases to be signed and passed to the registrar. The deadline of PRC registration is on the 18th of April and I still have enough time to finish. I think I’m doing a pretty good job here.

I am dead beat but writing a journal about how my day has been, somehow unshackle my strain. Plus: Knowing that there are 2 gorgeous guys waiting for me to come home.. what more could make me feel better? Thank God for hubbies and babies.. Thank God for the people you call family! So I guess I’m done for tonight, I’ll see you guys tomorrow. I got to go dwell now with my hubby and kid and snooze.

ZzzZZ zZZzz zzZZZzz…..

Sunday, March 23, 2008

What I'm Praying For..

I'm praying for:

- family's health and safety

- hubby's work

- iPod Touch and reviewer coming this 10th of April

- graduation

- NLE and NCLEX application

- Ramil's exam on the 29th

- Mom's investment venture

- joy

- purity of heart

- humility

- continued peace of mind

- serenity

- Mom will make it on the 18th of April

- sissy's endeavours

- settlement of bro's overspeeding ticket

- bills

- forgiveness

- guidance

- spiritual healing

- continued blessing

- security

- peace and harmony

Thankful for...

Im thankful for:

- my adorable son

- my husband who's beautiful inside and out

- good health

- safety

- in laws

- I'm graduating finally!

- family & realtives

- patience

- meekness

- AC in our room (big help)

- wonderful songs

- ZiPhone


- bountiful blessing

- technology

- private ride (I know how hard public rides are, especially during summer)

- my SONY cybershot

- ACER aspire laptop

- my kid's playmates

- Salvation

- Forgiveness

- home

lazy me

Hi. I'm home with my son. Yes, I didn't go anywhere today. I slept late last night and I'm too lazy to get up this morning. Anyhow, I have to go to school soon for graduation updates and for the freaking clearance.
By the way, let me share with you guys the 20 newest words that my son Andrei can utter at 18 months:
1. bird
2. ball
3. miming (cat)
4. star
5. car
6. Sponge-ba (Sponge Bob)
7. Ba-ny (Barney)
8. chicken
9. nose
10. hello & hi
11. dog
12. fish
13. lolo
14. mama & memmy (Mommy)
15. dad
16. kuya
17. ate
18. Pooh
19. baby
20. shoes
I'll be posting more! Stay tuned.. :)

8 Facts About Me

Thanks Mem again for this tag.

In the 8 Facts About Yourself, you share 8 things that your readers don’t know about you. Then at the end you tag at least 8 other bloggers to keep the fun going.

Here are the rules.RULES:* Each blogger must post these rules first.* Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.* Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.* At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.* Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.****

My list:

1. I've never had a serious paid job yet.

2. I am the the eldest. So I basically possess a very strong personality that I take advantage of so that my younger siblings will listen to me.

3. I've been married for 2 years now, but my husband and I dated 4 years before we tied the knot.

4. I have a very smart and adorable 1 year old and half SON named Andrei Dirk Gerard.

5. My name is my mom's name, only spelled backwards and has one E. (NELIA)

6. I can play the piano and guitar.

7. I am a very laid back person. God loves me so that I don't take stress seriously that much. I lay Him everything.

8. I am a gadget-freak.. sobra!

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let's have a break

click the link below:

im back!

Hi everyone! I know its been awhile.. school has kept me busy these past few weeks.. the bills, clearances, deadlines, PRC cases, etc. Although the classes ended weeks ago, I needed to go back to Manila every now and then to check if those minor subjects professors encoded my final grades yet. The registrar won't let you have the clearance form unless the grades are completed.

Aside from the busy mode, the main reason of being so silent lately is that I forgot my Google password.. I wasn't sure who was the last to reset my sign in information because mine was saved. Anyway, I'm back and let's cut off the chase of knowing who did it.

The Holy Week is over now.. Monday madness is back. So expect the VIP's (chief nurses, clinical instructors, some professors) are having an extension of days-off. I'm still thinking if I'm going out tomorrow.
If I decide to go out, I have to go to school tomorrow for necessary updates.. then get my cases from East Avenue Medical Center (hope Ma'am Burgos had the chance to sign my files so my time won't be in waste) then run after the chief nurse's precious signature. The proceed to Sta. Monica Hospital.. same procedure.. ci's, scru nurses and the chief nurse..I NEED THEIR SIGNATURES!!

If I still have time.. I have to personally check RCAP review center in R. Papa. I need to decide whether I'm going to enrol for a review in NLE. Though I'm still undecided where to, I'm considering RCAP. So far, I have bunch of positive feedbacks from my friends and batchmates with their coaching. So we will see.

Anyhow, what kept me online lately is the hailed smallest awesome piece of gadget that I am dying to have.. the iPod Touch, tadaa!! I read all the reviews that I can research. So far, so good. I also learned that it can be hacked! Thanks to these genius creatures! Hopefully I'm getting mine on the 10th of April, its actually from my mom as grad gift. Sad to say, she won't make it on my graduation for some reason..
I am more than excited to touch my iTouch. I can't wait to jailbreak it!!
Just so you know.. I'm a freak.. yes I am!

Friday, February 29, 2008

Classic Pinoy Jokes

Letter to OFW dad:
"Luv, tnx sa padala mo, hapi c nene kasi tobleron ang baon sa skul. ung nike suot na ni jr. next tym wag ka na padala NIVEA MILK. di nila type pait daw, ako tuloy ang umubos."
TITSER: who can make a sentence then translate it in tagalog?
PUPIL: my titser is beautiful, isn't she?
TITSER: very good, translate it in tagalog.
PUPIL: ang guro ko ay maganda, maganda nga ba?
DONYA: bilang bagong katulong, tandaan mo na ang almusal dito ay alasais empuntu!
MAID: walang problema donya. kung tulog pa ako sa oras na yun, mauna na kayong mag-almusal!
1. birds of the same feather, are the same birds
2. do not do unto others what you can't do
3. an apple a day is not an apple at night
4. when the cat is away the mouse is alone
5. if others can do it, don't help
6. tell me who ur friends are and i'll tell u mine
7. early to bed and early to rise makes you sleepy in the afternoon
8. ang ilog na tahimik ay malalim, ang ilog na maingay...may naglalaba
Prospective Employer to Applicant: " So why did you leave your previous job?"
Applicant: " The company relocated and they did not tell me where!"
Bisaya 1: " Gara ng kutsi, siguro kay Miyur iyan!"
Bisaya 2: " Dili bay!"
Bisaya 1: " Kay Hipi?"
Bisaya 2: " Tuntu ka man. Kay FATHER iyan. Gisulat niya sa likud o, "'SAFARI'."
1st night lola wore see thru dress, lolo didn't react...
2nd night lola wore t-back, lolo still deadma...
3rd night lola all naked, lolo said "anu yan suot mo, gusot-gusot!!"
Juan: bday ng asawa ko.
Pedro: ano regalo mo?
Juan: tinanong ko kung ano gusto niya.
P: ano naman sinabi?
J: Kahit ano basta may DIAMOND.
P: ano binigay mo?
J: Baraha.

kept me in stitches

bobo1: Pare, alam mo ba tawag sa paniki na mababa ang lipad?
bobo2: hindi eh! ano ba pare?
bobo1: Lowbat pare! Lowbat!
Boy: Nay! Muntik na ako maging top one sa klase!
Nanay: Bat mo naman nasabi?
Boy: Ini-announce kasi kanina yung top one sa klase.
Ang tinuro ni ma'am yung katabi ko. Muntik na ako!
Bush visited the Philippines and Erap acted as his translator:
Bush: "Lets help one another..."
Erap: "Tayo'y magtulungan. .."
Bush: "...let's strive together..."
Erap: "...tayo'y magsikap..."
Bush: "...because in union there is strength."
Erap: "...dahil sa sibuyas may titigas!"
Bongbong -- Pare sinong idol mo?
Chavit--Si Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Bongbong-- Sige nga, spell Schwarzenegger.
Chavit --Hindi, joke lang pare, si Jet Li talaga idol ko.
Pare 1: Pre, nasusuka ako kaya lang di ako masuka
Pare 2: Madali lang yan, pre ~ sundutin mo tonsils mo (pare 1 sinundot ang tonsils ..)
Pare 1: Di pa rin e
Pare 2: Hmmmmm ... sundutin mo pwet mo (pare 1 sinundot ang pwet ...)
Pare 1: Wala pa rin
Pare 2: Ngayon, tsaka mo ule isundot sa bibig mo ... pag hindi ka pa masuka nyan ewan ko na!
ERAP: Soli ko tong nabili kong DVD.
FPJ: Anong problema?
ERAP: Walang picture, tsaka sound. Sayang. Suspense thriller pa yata to. Tsk, tsk...
FPJ: Anong title?
ERAP: "The Lens Cleaner"
BUNSO: Tay , may multo daw sa kusina natin?
TATAY: Anak, sino naman nagsabi sayo nyan?
BUNSO: Si ate po!
TATAY: Ay nako, wag ka nga magpapaniwala dun! Wala namang multo eh! Ang mabuti pa samahan mo na lang ako sa kusina, at iinom lang ako ng tubig...
PROMDI: Lam ko promdi lang ako kaya wag mo kong lolokohin! Bakit ganito ang kwarto ko?!?! Maliit, wala pang kama at bintana..... ha?!?!
ROOMBOY: Sir, nasa elevator pa lang po tayo...
MRS: Bakit ngayon ka lang?
MR: Pasensha na, nagyaya mga officemates ko, nagkainuman lang. Hehe! Hik,
MRS: Lasing ka no?
MR: Ako, lashing? Hindi! Hik
MRS: Anong hindi?! La ka namang trabaho, pano ka nagka-officemates?
Jun-Jun: Inay! Ako lang ang nakasagot sa tanong ng titser namin kanina!
Inay: Very good! Ano ba ang tanong ng titser ninyo?
Jun-Jun: "Sino ang walang assignment?"
Girl: Maganda ba ko?
Boy: Oo, kaya lang, Bumbayin ka...
Girl: Hindi naman ako mukhang Bumbay, ah?!
Tisay yata to!
Boy: Oo nga, pero 'yung amoy mo, Bumbayin!
Eliseo: Sobra na talaga ang katangahan ng kumare mo.
Ang akala niya, ang LAWSUIT ay uniporme ng pulis!
JoshuA: Sus! Tanga nga! Eh di ba, uniporme ng abugado yun?!
Host: Ano po ang maipaglilingkod ko sa inyo?
Tanda: Pwede ho bang manawagan?
Host: Ilang taon na po kayo?
Tanda: 98 y/o na po ako.
Host: Wow! Ang tanda nyo na pala! O, sige po... manawagan na kayo.
Tanda: Itay, umuwi na kayo! Hindi na nagagalit si Lolo sa inyo!