Thursday, February 21, 2008


Today is the death anniversary of my husband's grandmother. She was the one who reared my husband when he was a little boy back in Laguna since my mother in law is working and residing in Manila. I heard many great stories about her, too bad I wasn't given the chance to meet her personally. Hence, Mommy Lolit, Alvin, Andy, Stephen and I drove our way to Alaminos to visit her. As customary, we had our scrumptious lunch at the Tolentino’s house. The kind of meal that will make you erase the term diet in the dictionary. However, Andy had a hearty appetite again today which made my day really delightful. We hang about for a few minutes more after lunch to chat some more with Tita Weidy and Tito Marcel and for the children to play with Ghabo, and then we headed back to Manila. We already predicted the terrible traffic ahead of us because of the feast happening in the nearby town. Auspiciously, we reached our destination safe and sound ‘though we counter flew the traffic. Thanks to Alvin (my brother in law) also known as the speedy driver, who never gets tired of driving for us to and from. We arrived at Festival Mall at 3PM and then roam around while we wait for Ayet and Gerard’s off from work.
Playtime at Playzone is the highlight of Andy and
Stephen's day. They played for an hour and a half; it’s like a place of innocent bliss for the boys. The ruddiness on their faces is just indescribable and their chuckles are unspeakable! Every toy they hanker after is there. Andy had his first slide alone and I am so full of pride of him because he wasn’t frightened at all! My little boy is really growing and there’s no way I can stop it. Gerard came a quarter to 6 then we met Ayet at KFC, and then we had dinner there. Then we went home at 7PM. Did I tell you already that I am a forgetful freak?? Shoot, I left Andy’s bonnet at the playhouse… Dang!