Monday, July 7, 2008

thomas all day long!

Andy is a certified Thomas-olic. When he turned 20 months, there was never a day Thomas the Tank Engine is out of his grasp. After being away from him for almost a month, we were together again 24/7. We watch together, eat together and believe it or not.. bathe together.. Yes, I'm not a nanny-fan so I chose to take care of my son personally as much as I can. As long as my husband can put things together..;)
I used to think Thomas and Friends a really boring show... but when I heard my son hummed the theme song at the age of 20 months, in a second I was a fan! We watch the series on Playhouse Disney everyday 3:00 in the afternoon and the replay at 6PM. He already has James, Henry and Gordon, and we're planning to buy all of the 8 engines for his birthday. I first bought him the starter set at 600 bucks with Thomas, Annie and Clarabelle on it. I saw his eyes sparkled and from that moment on, Thomas became a household name.
Thomas and Friends theme was the original plan for his 2nd birthday, but since Thomas isn't that famous here in the Philippines yet, I guess I'll just move it next year if he still adores trains. However, his birthday theme this year will be Jollibee.
By the way, if you try to scroll down for my earlier posts, I was in a dilemna of how I will wean him entirely.. Yes, he's not nursing anymore and he sleeps sound at night without tantrums and all. Gerard and I indeed undergone some difficulties before he adjusted completely. He also eats well and drinks youghart milk but I'm still hoping and praying that someday soon, he will at least try to taste milk and reconsider. He is a very good and smart boy and we are very lucky to have him as our son.