Thursday, June 19, 2008


my toddler loves turning my acer aspire notebook off without shutting down... then all of a sudden, there was no display. they said there was a problem with the main board and that it has to be replaced charging me with P13,650.00.
i miss my notebook... the service center told me i have to wait for 2 more weeks... wahhhh!! this is torture...

jack and the jilted

i finally got my free book JACK and the JILTED! i wasn't able to receive it myself because as you all know I didn't stay here a week before the exam. it was nearly being shipped back to the sender, thanks to my father in law who picked it up for me from the postal office. as soon as i opened the package, I didn't wait for a second... I actually started reading it and at the end of the day, believe it or not... I finished the whole book! I just can't handle the suspense, I just love it! Thanks Free Books!