Saturday, May 10, 2008

its our day moms!

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I am glad my mom and I somehow had our time together to bond before she left for US today. We share the same addictive pleasure - spa. We have been to several spas all over the metro already, but last night Callospa in Antipolo was our temporary haven. I am very pleased that she enjoyed every minute our stay there. It was nice being with her again, laugh at simple things, talk about the who's and what's and do the normal things like any other moms and daughters do. My mom and I, we're indescribably bonded. Though we live countries away for almost a decade, that doesn't stop me from being my mom's daughter. It will take months before I see and be with her again, and I'm very grateful for the 2 weeks that she was able to spend with me and Andy. I just hope that everything we've planned, will coordinate with God's plan for us. So I can be with my mom, brother and sister and be a FAMILY once again.

Happy mother's day, Mom. I am what I am because of you and I owe everything that I have and what I will have in the future. I love you!