Saturday, February 9, 2008

He is Well

Thank goodness my Andyboi is feeling way much better now.. he has been sick for 4 days and its as if our lives are doomed forever. I guess he's not adjusted with the Philippines ever-changing weather just yet. I remembered when we first arrived at San Leandro, he was 6 months and it was just starting to spring. He never got sick, though for us the climate there is somewhat cool like you're inside a freezer with an electric fan... grrrr.... You can hardly come out just to get the morning paper. So I was wondering, PI isnt even half as cold..
Well, going back.. This past week has been very stressful especially for me. First, its middle term exam week. I have lots of deadline term papers and loads of projects to submit. Plus, I have 4 exams that I need to attend to.. but how could I? The yaya asked for a day off last saturday, and until now she hasnt come back and probably won't come back at all. Gerard isnt allowed to leave at work anymore.. Mother in law has to go somewhere early, father in law is way too busy with the other 3-year old grandson and alvin.. where's the brother in law anyway? Pickles. In short, no one can and will take care of the poor, sick Andy. Shoot. The night before was like, uhmm.. lets say.. for the 7 hours that's alloted for me to snooze.. I have to wake up every 15 minutes because of andy's uncomfortable and distressing sickly feeling.. cough.. colds and fever.. the timely taking of medicines.. checking his back for sweat, the nightmares.. poor baby. If only I can take them away and pass it on to me.. I will handle them.. with open arms.. just please, not my baby. So, for the total.. I had an hour of knitted nap.. I felt like having a hang over from last night's beer session (which I havent done for 2 years, sigh.. what a social life I have, cheers..) I didn't make it to school. Hoping they would listen to my excuse on Monday.

I stayed with my son for the whole day. Done our routine. Embraced him for hours, watched Disney Playhouse Cartoon Marathon, saw him dance along with Eat Bulaga's Taktak Mo and Kagal Labi. Put him to sleep, forced him to eat and waited for Daddy to come home. I wouldn't trade these moments for anything. For I know, especially during the time he's not feeling well, I know my kid needs me more than anyone in this world. I didn't think twice of missing one day at school because no one can take care of him, the way that I do.

This can be the hardest part of being a parent. Seing your child in pain and in discomfort. He cries and he can't tell you why. He seems helpless and you don't know what to do. He doesn't smile and giggle like the way he used to. He's very quiet and prefers to lie down instead of breaking in and pressing shorcut keys from the laptop keyboard.. Answer the questions like what have I done wrong and why does he have to feel this way? Sigh..

Thank God, He heard my plea. The fever is gone and the cough's gradually disappearing. He's back to normal, doing what he loves the most - butting in to whatever I'm busy with! He's playing and roaming around the house and can't wait to go outside and play with his cousin, Stephen and some neighbor's kids. Andy is an entertainer, he dances whenever he hears Lolo's message tone "Papaya" and selected TV commercial jingles. He smiles like an angel and he has his Daddy's eyes with a heartmelting look. Everybody's fond of him that's why when he's not at his best stance, its like life without ice cream and cakes.. Tomorrow is a new day, we will go to church in the morning.. will personally thank God for touching my baby boy with His healing hand.. hopefully he will not get sick for the next 6 months.

Thank you Lord for everything, I put my son's life in Your hands. He is not mine, but Yours. I pray for his good health and my family's welfare also. You are our God. Our Saviour. In Your powerful name I pray. Amen!