Monday, April 7, 2008

like poles or unlike poles?

“Is it better to marry someone who has similar personality like yours, than someone who’s different?”

I dredged up this question from our writing skill test, a part of our mock TOEFL exam. Minimum of 300 words in 3 paragraphs. I can say that this was a sort of easy to answer question because I am already married. But as I was starting to write the words down, it made me think of my husband and my relationship with him. Are we similar or opposite?

I can’t quite remember what I exactly wrote there because the exam was like a month ago. As you all know, I have a short term memory. Neither I can’t say that Gerard and I are alike nor I can’t say that we’re opposite. Maybe, there are just some things that we both love to do together and some things that we don’t, no matter how hard we try.

I am extrovert, loud, spender, eats anything that’s edible. very patient, disorganized, late, impulsive, careless, a techie and always on the go. While my husband is suplado somewhat mysterious-type, reserved, kuripot, sobrang maarte sa food, complainer, organized, always on time, a planner, vain, sporty and don't want to move much. But we both adore kids, we enjoy watching movies, singing karaoke, eating and sleeping. We are both home buddies and couch potatoes. We love tackling about current events. We love cars, restaurant hopping, Hollywood and both can’t live without the television.

It is better if at least you have some things that you enjoy doing together. Of course we all know that no one is exactly like the other but having a common ground is an advantage. Things that will help you bond together. Success in marriage is not about having similar or different personalities. For me, it’s being familiar with each other. Knowing what to do without the other telling you exactly what you have to do, you just know. It’s using non verbal communication. You converse without words, only gestures. It’s a glare at each other’s eyes and you just distinguish what he means by it. It is recognizing each other more every day. Learning something together after every feud you just had. It is appreciating of what you have at the moment. You can’t have it in just a snap, time makes marriage as solid as rock if it is well founded. It is being a part of each other, the half of the other half making a whole. It is sticking together through whatever. It’s tolerating each other in spite of the differences and loving behind the imperfections. Marriage is working out together, both of you doing your part in a team.

It is our 2nd anniversary tomorrow and I know our relationship is young and we have so much to face in the future. I just pray that we never get tired of each other no matter how far our differences can take us. 6 years and still counting, I am loving every single day that I am with him. We are not alike, yet not totally opposite. Ours is not perfect, but its the imperfection that makes every day worth living. I love you more and more babe, happy anniversary!

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