Wednesday, April 9, 2008

despite of it all

Darn, today I have to go back to EAMC to get my freaking cases that I left for the CN to sign. Future nurses swarmed in the nursing office yesterday, bunches of us waited for our requirements to be completed, hoped for an accomplishment. As the deadline of passing it to PRC is only until the 18th. After an hour of waiting, the secretary came out with our papers telling us that we have to come back tomorrow because their boss has to attend some meeting. She should’ve told us earlier, you know? Why the hell wait if they want us to come back the next day!! Yesterday didn’t turn out really well. Sigh.

Good thing they invented days like anniversaries! It was our 2nd year together as married couple; Andy and Gerard were my gorgeous dates. We spent the whole evening in ATC and had dinner at Fridays. Andy had a great time too; he enjoyed nibbling his fries and played with the silvers every now and then. Hubby and I had a superb meal! It was a really nice special treat after a bad day... Sadly, I forgot to bring my camera, I can't share photos with you this time.
However, Happy 2nd anniversary love!

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