Saturday, October 18, 2008

Biological Research

We attended a 7th birthday party of my MIL's officemate's daughter Giana which was held at Biological Research along Sucat Road. The food was sumptuous and Andy loved the pasta, he also enjoyed the magic tricks but was kind of scared with the assistant clown. He called him "mumu." But anyway, he was shouting with glee when he saw a bird coming out from the magician's hat. The safari-themed party was decorated with lots of balloons and tons of candies and lollipops which also served as their centerpiece. I was busy feeding Andy that I failed to take photos of them. My bad.

We also had a chance to tour the whole park, it costs 150 bucks per head but because we attended the party, we had it for free! There were monkeys, different breeds of birds and chicken, ducks, snakes, butterflies, bees, insects, turtles and fish. Andy enjoyed it the most. He often wanted to be carried when we have walks like this, but this time he ran around and even left us at the end of the line, looking out for him. But he also wants his pictures taken that's why when I tell him "picture" he'd stop and say "cheese!"

He was very happy, full and tired. My Andy had a truly wonderful time with this outdoor activity. He even took home 2 small fish in a small tank for a souvenir! He named them Thomas and Henry. I would love to take him to different zoos around the world someday, he will definitely appreciate the ecology's flora and fauna. God's wonderful works of creation.

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