Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I went to school today and I’m finally through with my clearance. After paying, signing and everything... Clearance… DONE! I proceeded to EAMC to get my signed cases. Heck, it was so freaking hot! All taxis are occupied, and it seemed that everyone was out. Good thing, I had my good friend Ryan who shared with me the burning heat of the sun while we spotted and chased the taxi cabs. Finally, a new good looking Toyota Vios halted in front of us. God is so so good! For 100 bucks, we conserved a liter of our sweat from the fatal heat in riding a jeepney. And the manong driver was also nice to us.

When we got there, I fortunately bumped into Ma’am Burgos, my former clinical instructor in East Avenue Medical Center. She is busy as a bee that you can barely see her around. She carried out minimal tweaks on my minor cases, but it can be handled. Too bad, I have to go back again on Monday but this time I got her mobile number so I won’t have to leave my cases again in DR for her to sign… Gee, it takes like a lifetime there! After that, we took our chance in going to Sta. Monica in Marikina to see Ma’am Vane, but she hasn’t gone back yet from her week off. But I had the scrub nurse signed them. Cases… NOT YET.

I’m glad that I had a very productive day today and I’m giving myself a deadline until Wednesday for the cases to be signed and passed to the registrar. The deadline of PRC registration is on the 18th of April and I still have enough time to finish. I think I’m doing a pretty good job here.

I am dead beat but writing a journal about how my day has been, somehow unshackle my strain. Plus: Knowing that there are 2 gorgeous guys waiting for me to come home.. what more could make me feel better? Thank God for hubbies and babies.. Thank God for the people you call family! So I guess I’m done for tonight, I’ll see you guys tomorrow. I got to go dwell now with my hubby and kid and snooze.

ZzzZZ zZZzz zzZZZzz…..


Ann said...

Hahaha! Naaliw ako dito. Alam ba ni hubby mo na andyan sya...hehehe. Ako di ko pwede post husband ko sa blog ko, for sure kinabukasan sunog ang blog ko..hehehe.

Aileen Banal said...

Yes ann, hindi shy si hubby when it comes to posting his pics dito sa net. Pero suplado siya sa personal.. hehe, dont worry.. I have his consent! lolz! this was taken when were not married yet. from then on i havent erased this from my cellphone.