Saturday, April 5, 2008

its getting hot in here

My 1 year and 7 month old son gripped my hand and led me to the bath room because he wanted to have his 3rd shower for the day. Though he didn't verbalize directly that he felt uncomfortably warm, his action shown better than words. He kept on tugging the lower part of my shirt as I was standing by the kitchen sink, and just doesn't have any intentions of waiting for me to finish whatever it is that I am doing. I would normally allow him stay at the bath room for 5 minutes to play with his water toys after rinsing, but now the time extended up to 20 minutes! I would say "Come on Andy, let's go!" Then he'll say "No." And then 5 minutes more. The weather is terribly humid here in the Philippines and I noticed that it’s getting hotter every summer.

I remember March last year, we were able to break out the summer heat and we flew to the states for vacation. Though we experienced several strikes of heat waves in the Bay Area, they're nothing compared to ours during summer. AC's are real savers during this time. Andy can't have his afternoon nap without it turned on. The good thing is, the weather's cool at night. I even prepare my blanket at my side because it gets cold after midnight.

We are planning to buy an inflatable pool for Andy, and that will be his first time on it. I just hope that he will enjoy it this time. When we went to Laguna, where we spent the entirety of the Holy Week, my husband's uncle had their inflatable pool readied for the kids. Unfortunately, it wasn't that appealing to my son. The water was so cold and he sensed it was too huge for him so he got nervous. Hubby put out his teeny portable bath tub so he can in any way enjoy the fun his other cousins are having, but still, plan failed. I also tried dipping in the pool with him, still, no appeal. I just ended up getting wet and did the bother to shower and change clothes again.

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