Sunday, March 23, 2008

im back!

Hi everyone! I know its been awhile.. school has kept me busy these past few weeks.. the bills, clearances, deadlines, PRC cases, etc. Although the classes ended weeks ago, I needed to go back to Manila every now and then to check if those minor subjects professors encoded my final grades yet. The registrar won't let you have the clearance form unless the grades are completed.

Aside from the busy mode, the main reason of being so silent lately is that I forgot my Google password.. I wasn't sure who was the last to reset my sign in information because mine was saved. Anyway, I'm back and let's cut off the chase of knowing who did it.

The Holy Week is over now.. Monday madness is back. So expect the VIP's (chief nurses, clinical instructors, some professors) are having an extension of days-off. I'm still thinking if I'm going out tomorrow.
If I decide to go out, I have to go to school tomorrow for necessary updates.. then get my cases from East Avenue Medical Center (hope Ma'am Burgos had the chance to sign my files so my time won't be in waste) then run after the chief nurse's precious signature. The proceed to Sta. Monica Hospital.. same procedure.. ci's, scru nurses and the chief nurse..I NEED THEIR SIGNATURES!!

If I still have time.. I have to personally check RCAP review center in R. Papa. I need to decide whether I'm going to enrol for a review in NLE. Though I'm still undecided where to, I'm considering RCAP. So far, I have bunch of positive feedbacks from my friends and batchmates with their coaching. So we will see.

Anyhow, what kept me online lately is the hailed smallest awesome piece of gadget that I am dying to have.. the iPod Touch, tadaa!! I read all the reviews that I can research. So far, so good. I also learned that it can be hacked! Thanks to these genius creatures! Hopefully I'm getting mine on the 10th of April, its actually from my mom as grad gift. Sad to say, she won't make it on my graduation for some reason..
I am more than excited to touch my iTouch. I can't wait to jailbreak it!!
Just so you know.. I'm a freak.. yes I am!

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