Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy 60th Surprise Birthday

A week from now my mother in law will be turning 60. We've been preparing a surprise birthday party for her since last month. Its funny because she was in "tampo mode" lately. She thinks that no one cares or even remembered that her 60th birthday is coming. If she only knew. I just hope that we can keep this secret until the actual day comes. Shhh....

I printed the invitations and they've been given away to some relatives, her friends and officemates already. I had to come up with a short but dedicative program by Wednesday for them to check. My husband's cousin and I were appointed to be the hosts.. thanks for some sites which I got most of the ideas from. It's going to be a Retro Party: Bringing Back the Fabulous 60's theme and we asked the guests to come dressed in their best retro outfit. I prepared 20 pieces of CD's and 10 DVD's of Hairspray and its soundtrack for the giveaways and prizes. We will give awards for the 1st 5 guests to come, 5 prizes for the guests in outfit, boxes of chocolates for the game winners.

We also booked the projector rental service because I created her an audio-visual presentation. It will be the highlight of the program, everyone will see her old kept pictures.

Mommy Lolit is the most hardworking person I knew. We hardly see her at home and at her age, its amazing how she can keep up with her work schedule. Mommy deserves the best party her children could ever give. I just wish she still doesn't have a nose to everything that we re planning for her. There will be a live band that she loves, and the selection of her favorite dish. Her childhood friends and highschool classmates, her family and significant people in her life will all be there.

Enjoy your party Mommy, you deserve all the happiness and blessings life can offer. Thank you for accepting me in the family. I'm very lucky to have you as a mother in law. Happy birthday!

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