Sunday, February 10, 2008

Not Just Yet

I just talked to my mom yesterday. She recently just got into a car accident 3 weeks ago while on her way to Las Vegas with Bill. She was driving and miscalculated her switch to the fast lane in one of the freeways in L.A. She bumped the side of her car at the barricades damaging the tyres. According to them, they escaped through it. Still running 60-70 miles per hour, she lost control until the car flipped into mid-air. Amazingly, there are no other vehicles involved.
This is one kind of news I dont wanna hear about my family in the States. My sister was buzzing me that morning which I've ignored and took me 2 hours more before I checked it. I dont know what to do. Its as if I was in a dream and I chose not to believe it. But it was real. She said my mom's was still in ICU and will be needing a surgery for some part of her skull was exposed. They will need to shave her hair to clean the wounds and check if there are some more. My mom is a vain person. She's the kind who cannot get out of the house without checking herself out in the mirror first. I know it will be difficult especially for her, to accept whatever changes that might occur because of this accident.
I never really minded these things at all. What I want to hear is if she's awake and okay. That is what's important. Will she be okay? This one question I'm dying to know myself. She can't leave us now. Not now and not ever. I had to wait 4 hours more before my sister and my brother get to the hospital where my mom was. I was hopelessly helpless, I wasnt there when my mom needed me the most. What can I do?

4 hours had gone by and when I called my sister, I heard my mom's voice. The sweetest voice that I will ever hear. She was telling me not to worry anymore and that everything will be alright. What a relief! Thank you God for saving my mom! Its God's one way to answer my question: Its not her time yet. Not just yet.

My mom is a survivor. I look up to her. I am what I am right now because of her. Tough and indestructible. A fighter.

We'll get to our dreams mom. Soon.. Don't go. Not just yet.

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