Sunday, February 17, 2008


Thank God, we have successfully launched Mommy Lolit's 60th surprise birthday. It's amazing that she hasn't smelled a thing that we have cooked for her. This was originally masterminded by Ate Bibe my sister-in-law from Australia, who called from time to time for updates. Mommy Lolit was really suprised the most when she saw her boss and her officemates coming, who actually came from Manila and told her that they can't make it. She expects a small gathering but not a big party with a live band and a catered buffet with balloons and the likes. Her friends, classmates, cousins and some relatives joined us that night. Though drizzles of blessings poured from the sky every now and then, still we made it through. We started the program with a prayer, and then chains of messages of greetings and love given by her children, brothers and sisters, her friends and colleagues, and her family in Australia. Everybody enjoyed the AVP that I made for her, which is undeniably my labor of love for my mother in law. The guests saw their old kept photos and they can't help but laugh at the funny trends several decades ago.
We expected Mommy Lolit to cry but because she is a woman of composure... she was able to control her emotion, she gave a long message of thanks instead with wit and humor for the finale.
Tha party was a success and I'm very pleased with that. It gave justice to what we've been preparing and working on for almost 2 months. Thanks Tito Marcel and Tita Weidy for your time and for lending us your beautiful space, thanks to
Mheng, Kay and Joseph for the technical assistance, thanks to Metrotech for giving us the best package on LCD and projector screen, thanks to Tito Teddy for the cake and to the caterer (the food was so yummy especially the fish fillet) and to Tito Gil's band. Special thanks to Tita Ellie and Tito Mel for the lechon. Thanks to everyone for coming and for sharing this memorable event with us! Happy birthday Mommy Lolit!

Now let me share you some of photos last night.. Enjoy!

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